Randy Alcorn, in his exceptional little book, The Treasure Principle, discloses this powerful truth: “There is a fundamental connection between our spiritual lives and how we think about and handle our money. We may try to divorce our faith and our finances, but God sees them as inseparable” (p. 9).

The following financial resources are provided to help you think about and handle your money in a way that honors God.

  • Investment Certificates through AG Financial Solutions
    The AG (Assemblies of God) Loan Fund Investment Certificates provide competitive returns and help fund the work of the gospel.
  • Crown Financial Ministries
    Crown provides an array of valuable resources and information on financial management. We have obtained permission to include their links on our website for your benefit.
  • MoneyLife® Calculators™
    By following the Calculators™ link you will find 20 calculators to help you with everything from renting a home verses buying a home to computing life insurance needs to figuring out an auto loan payment… and much more.
  • Crown Downloads
    By following the Downloads link you will find dozens of resources that cover topics such as household budgets, insurance, investing, saving for college, debt elimination, identify theft and much more.

Additional Resources
The following websites offer additional resources and information to help you manage that which God has blessed you with:

Recommended Books